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The guidance program in Zillah Schools is a cooperative effort between students, parents, teachers, advisors, counselor and administration.  The first step is for students to share career and educational goals with parents.  All students are encouraged to investigate all career and educational options including Universities and regional 4 year schools, community colleges, technical and priority colleges, military and apprentice-OJT training and are guided to produce a plan, not only for high school graduation, but for placement in the most appropriate post-secondary setting.  Through annually scheduled guidance conferences, all students will gather additional and more specific information about careers of interest and the educational requirements to obtain that career.  Follow up letters are sent home for parents to review.  Additional follow-up conferences, including parents when desired, may be scheduled.  The total counseling program emphasizes the areas of personal, educational, and occupational decision making.  Counselors help students grow through better knowledge, understanding, and acceptance of themselves.  The ZSD guidance goal is to help students develop the ability to make sound decisions and accept responsibility for solving their own problems.  Student Assistance Program Counseling services are offered to teachers, or principal regarding problems that affect their personal and school life, for needed help.  Counseling is available on an individual and small group basis.  For students and families with special needs, off site referral for help will be offered.