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What is A Replacement Educational Programs and Operations Levy?

This levy is a special property tax that allows citizens a way to fund school programs not covered by state or federal dollars.  This allows the district to continue to maintain what we are currently doing in the district.  This is not a new tax, it is a replacement tax that voters approve every two years.


What is the length, the amount and property tax rate of the proposed Replacement Levy?

Amount:  $900,000

Length:  2 Years – Tax Years 2019, 2020

Rate:  $2.00/$1,000


Is there a tax break for senior citizens and others?

Yes, disabled persons and some senior citizens may qualify for exemptions.  Contact the Yakima County Assessor for details at 509-574-1100.


When will voters be asked to vote on the Replacement Educational Programs and Operations Levy? 

The levy is part of the February 13, Special Elections.  This is an all-mail in election.  Ballots will be mailed to registered Zillah School District voters on or about January 26, 2018.


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Download the Levy Fact Sheet or Flyer