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Zillah School District Long Range Plan for Facilities and Educational Programs


The Zillah School District Board of Directors and Superintendent have been studying school facilities and educational program improvements for the better part of the last seven years. During that time the Board and Superintendent have sought input from community members, parents and staff. Community forums, surveys, and numerous meetings were held to encourage input from the various stakeholders. During this time, the Board has also consulted with financial and architectural professionals that specialize in working with public schools. Based on both the input from the stakeholders and information from fiscal and architectural professionals, the Board is now prepared to present a more detailed plan. The plan focuses on three areas that have risen to the top after years of study.

Focus Area 1-Facilties:

Zillah Intermediate School and Zillah High School-A Two Phase Facility Improvement Plan

Both ZIS and ZHS are in need of a plan that leads to an improved learning environment for our students. Financially it is impossible to remodel or build a new ZIS and ZHS at the same time. The Board has developed a two phase plan that both meets the fiscal requirements as well as addresses the needs of both schools.

Phase I (2018) includes the building of a new ZIS on district owned property on Cutler Way southwest of ZMS. Also included in Phase I is the construction of additional classrooms at ZMS. Phase I will require a bond issue and voter approval. A combination of voter approved bonds and state school construction assistance will fund the project.

Phase II (2024) includes a combination of new construction and a remodel of ZHS on the current ZHS campus. Phase II will also require a voter approved bond issue and state school construction assistance.

Focus Area 2-Preschool:

Zillah School District Plans to Implement a Preschool Program That Focuses on Kindergarten Readiness

Board members and the superintendent share the belief that implementing a preschool program that focuses on kindergarten readiness will greatly improve the overall academic achievement of our students. The Board plans to provide a preschool program in conjunction with the Phase I facility improvements in 2018.

Focus Area 3-Grade Configuration:

Zillah School District Plans to Make Changes to Current Grade Configurations

Board members and superintendent share the belief that grade configuration changes will improve the academic achievement of all students.   The Board plans to make grade configuration changes when facilities are improved and preschool is implemented in 2018.   The new grade configuration changes are: Pre-2 Hilton Elementary School, 3-5 Zillah Intermediate School, 6-8 Zillah Middle School, 9-12 Zillah High School.