• Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

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Zillah Middle School

Parent Involvement Plan

Justin Irion, Principal

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This plan has been developed to raise the level of communication and involvement for parents at Zillah Middle School

1. Annual Meeting: An annual meeting will take place at Zillah Middle School to inform parents of the Parent Involvement Plan.

  a. This meeting will occur in the evening so that parents will be able to attend.

  b. It will be held in September or prior to the beginning of the academic school year.

  c. Items to be shared:

    i) Methods of communication to be used throughout the year

    ii) Activities on the calendar for upcoming year

    iii) Input for activities

2.Methods of Involving Parents: this section includes the different ways that parents have to be involved in their students’ education.

  a. Parent-Teacher conferences

  b. Volunteer in classrooms

  c. Math, Library, and similar nights

  d. Parent Teacher Association

3. What the school will provide for parents:

  a. Timely information about programs

  b. Explanation of curriculum used in school

  c. Forms of assessment

  d. Proficiency levels students are expected to attain:

4. Shared responsibilities for student success:

  a.  A student/teacher/parent compact outlining:

    i)     Shared responsibility for improvement of student achievement

    ii)    Monitoring attendance

    iii)   Monitoring homework completion

    iv)   Monitoring television watching

    v)    Volunteering in their child's classroom when appropriate

    vi)   Participating in activities with child when appropriate

    vii)  Monitoring positive use of child's extracurricular time

    viii) Maintaining communication between school and parents on an ongoing basis

    ix)  Parent teacher conferences

    x)   Frequent reports on children's progress

    xi)  Reasonable access to staff

5. To build capacity for parental involvement Zillah Intermediate:

  a. Will provide assistance to parents served as approprieate to understand:

    i)   State academic achievement standards

    ii)  State assessment standards

    iii) State assessments

    iv) How to monitor student progress and work with educators in that monitoring

  b. Will provide training opportunities to help parents improve their student's achievement when appropriate in areas such as:

    i)  Literacy

    ii) Technology

  c. Will educate staff, in the value and utility of the contributions of parents AND educate staff in how to reach out to, communicate with, and work with parents as equal partners.

  d. Will ensure that information related to school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities is sent to the parents of eligible students in a format that the parents are able to understand.

  e. May support local parental involvement activities, including childcare, translation, or transportation of students, to enable parent involvement in school activities.

  f. May arrange flexible meeting times for staff and parents in order to maximize parental involvement and participation.

  g. May adopt and implement model approaches to improving parental involvement.

Zillah Intermediate strategies and activities for parent involvement are delineated in the following list (A-F) and table.

     Parent Involvement

          A.  Interdisciplinary Teams scheduled to make presentations at PTSA Meetings

          B.  Family Nights

          C.  Interactive Family Math Nights

          D.  Parent conferences for all students in the fall and spring

          E.  Parent/Teacher/Student Contracts for students at risk of failure

          F.  Family potlucks for student recognition

          G.  Newsletters/brouchures/for parents and families


Parent Involvement




Assessment Nights



Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

Fall/Spring ~Oct./March

All staff/admin.

Parent Newsletter



Parent Surveys



Math Family Nights


Math Team

Team Recognition Potlucks

2 per year


Migrant Parent Meetings Quarterly District/Migrant Coodinator
Parent Classroom Volunteers Ongoing Teams/All Staff/Admin.