• Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

  • Welcome to the Zillah School District!

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Home of the Leopards

Mike Torres, Principal

1602 Second Avenue, Zillah, WA 98953-9682

Phone: (509) 829-5565

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Zillah High School

Parent Involvement Plan

This plan has been developed to support Zillah High School’s Goal: To continue efforts to work on enhancing communication.

1. Annual Meeting: An annual meeting will take place at Zillah High School to inform parents of the parent involvement plan.

  a. This meeting will occur at the first scheduled Parent Association Meeting of the year. It will be in the evening so the parents will be available to attend.

  b. It will be held in September

  c. Items to be shared:

    1) Student/Teacher/Parent Compact

    2) Methods of communication to be used throughout the year

    3) Calendar of events for the school year

    4) Input for activities at ZHS

2. Methods of involving parents: this includes the different ways that parents can be

involved with their student and their education.

  a. Parent/Teacher Conferences

  b. Volunteers in classrooms

  c. School Activity Nights

  d. ZHS Parent Association

  e. School Field Trips, class projects, activity events

3. What the school will provide for parents:

  a. Timely information about school programs

  b. Weekly email letter/school information to parents

  c. Monthly newsletter of school events and happenings

  d. Curriculum information/Grade level expectations

  e. Forms of assessment

  f. Information on special programs/school opportunities

  g. Online parent access for report card data, attendance, food service

  h. Proficiency levels students are expected to attain.

4. Shared responsibilities for student success:

  a. A Student/Teacher/Parent Compact outlining:

    1) Shared responsibility for improvement of student achievement

    2) Supporting school discipline policies and rules of behavior

    3) Monitoring attendance

    4) Monitoring homework completion

    5) Participating in activities with child when appropriate

    6) Maintaining communication between school and parents on an ongoing basis

    7) Monitoring positive use of child’s time to help meet school responsibilities

    8) Frequent reports on children’s progress

    9) Reasonable access to staff

   10) Parent/Teacher Conferences

5. To build capacity for parent involvement at ZHS:

  a. Will provide assistance to parents as appropriate to understand:

    1) State academic achievement standards

    2) State assessment standards

    3) State assessments

    4) How to monitor student progress and work with educators in that monitoring

    5) Graduation requirements

    6) 4-year Academic Plans

  b. Will work with parents to give them opportunities to help improve their students achievement at school

  c. Will educate staff, in the value and utility of the contributions of parents and keep a focus on communication and working with parents as partners in our school

  d. Will ensure that information related to school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities is sent to the parents of eligible students in a format that the   parents are able to understand

  e. May support local parental involvement activities, translation, or transportation of students, to enable parent involvement in school activities.

  f. May train parents to enhance the involvement of other parents.

  g. May arrange flexible meeting times for staff and parents in order to

maximize parental involvement and participation.

Describe the strategies planned to increase meaningful parental/family involvement that is designed to enhance home/school partnerships and improve student learning.

 *Parent Association membership

 *Involvement in their child’s academic achievement

 *Attend building activities and programs that promote the importance of family involvement with school

 *Involve parents in building teams where appropriate

 *Collaborate with community based organizations to provide opportunities for our parents

Describe the activities planned to carry out the strategies.

All parents are encouraged to participate in school wide activities and programs. We will do our best to have available staff to provide interpretation and translation services for parents. Written information will be provided in English and Spanish as needed.

School activities include: Student/Parent/Teacher Compacts, School expectations, School Orientation programs, newsletters, school programs, Parent/Teacher Conferences, Classroom and school volunteers, Parent Associatio