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Zillah High School offers the Washington State Basic Education Diploma option through ZAP (Zillah Alternative Program).  The Washington State Basic Diploma offers a study option or alternative path to allow students to move on to the world of work, apprenticeship, Job Corps, military, community and technical colleges. Students enrolled in this program are not a separate school but are part of Zillah High School.

Target Students to be Served:Zillah High School students grades 9-12 who have not made satisfactory progress towards graduation in a traditional high school setting, and/or who have a special situation dealing with health, family, or economic factors that require continuing their education without a regards to attending a traditional high school day.  Due to space and staffing limitations, only resident district students may be considered for initial placement.  The Washington State Basic Diploma is not a university prep diploma.  Students earning the Basic Diploma who later wish to pursue enrollment at a 4 year university, would need to first complete their Associates Degree and then transfer to complete their final two years.
Philosophy: It is the Philosophy of the Basic Diploma Program that all students will be empowered with the skills necessary to attain success in a post secondary environment.  The Basic Diploma Program believes that cooperation with all stakeholders in the community and school setting is imperative to the success of the program. The staff feels a great responsibility to prepare students for their post-graduation experiences.
Mission Statement: The mission of The Basic Diploma Program is to empower alternative education students with the skills to achieve success in post secondary life. This includes the development of a school environment that sets rigorous standards for achievement and stresses student accountability as our core belief.
Program Objectives and Goals:
  • Create a successful alternative learning environment for students not achieving adequate progress in the regular school setting.
  • Provide structured support to students in areas such as: time management, appropriate school/ work behaviors, etc.
  • Create clear, obtainable expectations for students that allow them to learn and succeed.
  • Hold students accountable to the learning contract so that they are able to achieve a high school diploma for their original graduation date.
  • Increase the level of family involvement and include family activities as part of the program setting.
  • Create effective lines of communication between parents and the Program so that the family is aware of the expectations placed on the student.  
  • Provide students with life-skills training.
  • Provide students with the skills to succeed in the world of work
  • Help students develop skills that allow them to cope with diverse situations.
  • Educate students in substance abuse issues.
  • Provide students with experiences that allow them to become more aware with their community and surroundings.
Basic Diploma students are expected to meet all requirements set forth by the State of Washington in the “alternative learning experience requirements” (WAC 392-121-182) to achieve a High School Diploma.   
Students enrolled in this program are not a separate school but are part of Zillah High School.  In order to be eligible for athletics and activities at ZHS all students must be academically eligible and this includes Basic Diploma students.  Since each students has their own learning plan the ZAP program coordinator will monitor and advise on academic eligibility for athletics and activities.
Students are required to meet the attendance requirements set forth in their learning agreement and follow the attendance policy from the Basic Diploma Program-ZAP Handbook. All students are to be on time, just as in the world of work. 
Friday school will be required for all students who are not meeting satisfactory progress towards graduation, are not meeting their academic contract, have fallen below the required 80% attendance rate, or for disciplinary reasons. 
For Further Information Contact:  Basic Diploma Program Coordinator Ms. Tammy Lewis, 829-3080  or   ZHS Principal Mike Torres,  829-5565

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